5 Important Safety Tips For Using A Stump Grinder

5 January 2015
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A stump grinder can be an incredibly useful tool if you need to get rid of an unsightly stump in your yard, but you have to understand that these machines can be very dangerous. Luckily, following a few safety tips can help you stay safe in the process, so remember these things when operating your stump grinder. Whether you are renting one from an equipment rental company, such as Rentals And More Inc, or have purchased one of your own, doing so will help you prevent injury while getting rid of stumps that are in your family's way.

1. Make Sure the Equipment is in Good Condition

An older stump grinder could be missing safety guards and other essential parts to help keep you safe, so make sure that you assess the machine for safety before using. This is one good reason why a rental stump grinder can be a good idea; these machines are typically in good condition and have been carefully inspected. If necessary, look at the owner's manual for the stump grinder so that you can compare photographs and check for all necessary safety guards and other safety-related parts.

2. Avoid Loose Clothing

Loose clothing or jewelry could get caught in the stump grinder and could cause serious injury. When operating this machinery, make sure that you wear tight-fitting clothing.

3. Wear Safety Gear

It can seem odd to wear a hard hat, gloves and goggles in your own backyard, but doing so is imperative so that you can stay safe. Otherwise, pieces of wood and other debris could fly from the stump grinder and hit you in the head or eye. If you don't have this safety gear, ask for it at the rental equipment store or pick some up from a home improvement store in your area. Make sure that your hard hat and gloves fit securely to prevent issues.

4. Remove Debris

Make sure that you carefully rake away any rocks, wood chips or other debris from the work site before you turn the machine on. This can help the machine work more easily and will also prevent this debris from flying up and hitting you or any onlookers.

5. Keep Onlookers at a Safe Distance

Don't let friends or family members stand too close while you are grinding a stump. If someone does want to assist you, make sure that he or she wears a hard hat, gloves and goggles.

It's true that stump grinders can be dangerous, but remembering these five tips will help you do the job without getting hurt.