The Benefits Of Using Asphalt For Paving

14 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you're looking to have a new driveway or parking lot poured or are in charge of repaving roads for a local city, you typically will need to choose between concrete and asphalt for this job. While each has its benefits, there are many reasons why asphalt is such a popular option. Consider a few of those reasons here.

1. Asphalt shifts with the ground

In tropical areas or any location with extreme moisture under the ground, your paving materials can shift as the ground gets soft and tends to settle and move. Concrete doesn't settle well because it's so unforgiving; it may instead simply crack and buckle and need to be filled in or torn up and poured again. In many cases the concrete may also need to be underpinned, which is when bracing material is placed under the concrete to keep it strong. This job can be difficult and expensive.

Asphalt, however, is much softer, so it simply settles and shifts with the ground rather than cracking or breaking. This reduces the risk of it needing repairs when poured over soft or moist ground.

2. Asphalt holds up better in colder weather

In extremely cold temperatures, concrete tends to become very brittle and it may crack and need to be filled. Asphalt, however, holds up better in colder temperatures, also because of its softer consistency. In the springtime you may notice that an asphalt driveway is in good shape, whereas your neighbors may need to fill in cracks and resurface their concrete driveways every year.

3. Asphalt is quicker to prepare and pour, and dries faster

Typically, asphalt takes much less time to prepare and to pour, and it dries faster than concrete so that you can use a parking lot, road or a driveway much sooner. For a residential driveway, you may have the entire job done in just a few days, versus a full week or two if you were to choose concrete. For busy roads and parking lots, choosing asphalt can mean allowing them to be open that much sooner than if you use concrete.

4. Asphalt is usually more affordable

When you're on a tight budget, asphalt may be the more affordable choice. This is a consideration too for very large jobs, such as when creating a new residential complex or for when you need to pave a commercial parking lot. The cost of concrete can make the job too expensive, whereas asphalt can keep you under budget no matter the size of the paving to be done.

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