Protect Your Car's Windshield And Windows From Winter Damage With These 3 Tips

20 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Just like any other part of your car, your windshield and car windows need attention during the winter. Many people don't think about their car windows, but having them in good shape will ensure that you can travel safely and comfortably during cold weather. Here are some tips to protect your windshield and windows when the temperature drops.

Get Small Problems Fixed

One of the most important ways to protect your windows and windshield from damage during the winter is to take care of cracks, chips and other problems you may already have. You may not notice the hairline crack along the windshield, but very cold weather can cause that crack to expand and become bigger. A chip on your window from a pebble, from months ago, may turn into a crack, because of the colder temperatures. Inspect your windows for any signs of trouble, and make sure that even tiny repairs are done so that you don't have a big problem later.

Avoid Rapid, Extreme Temperature Changes

Even when you have no chips and cracks right now,  it is important that you don't subject your windows to extreme and rapid temperature changes. For example, pouring boiling water on your windows to defrost them may actually have a very bad effect. The same is true if you take your car to a car wash that uses very hot water on very cold days.  These kinds of rapid, extreme temperature changes can weaken your auto glass. Try to avoid them, so that your windows and windshield stay strong.

Replace Old Windshield Wipers

Worn wiper blades can expose the plastic or metal beneath the blades themselves, and that can scratch the glass. Over time, that can decrease your ability to see the road ahead. To avoid this, keep an eye on your wipers and simply replace the blades when they're worn. You may consider buying special winter wiper blades that are made to better withstand the weather, as well as snow and ice.

Remember to take care of your car's windshield and windows, and you will be able to avoid costly repairs during the winter. However, if you do need to have your car windows replaced, be sure to contact a contractor who will come out to your location, so that you don't need to travel. Give your windows and windshield the proper attention, from places like Reflections Glass & Mirror Inc, and you can stay comfortable and safe while you're on the road in the winter.