5 Tips On Using A Roll Off Dumpster Service

23 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Using a roll off dumpster service is beneficial for you whether you have a company or you are remodeling your home. Below are some tips to help you if you choose to rent or purchase a roll-off dumpster.


When choosing a size for your dumpster roll-off container, choose one that is larger than you think you need. Things like drywall, scrap wood, and carpeting need a lot of space. Dirt, concrete, and rock are more weight, and in most cases, you cannot fill the container completely full. Check with the rental company about this. Another consideration is the height of the dumpster. It is much more difficult to put heavy materials over the side if it is too tall.


Some companies throw things away that can be recycled, such as plastic, scrap metal, corrugated cardboard, etc. Choosing to recycle benefits the environment, as well as your company. If you have large amounts of recyclable materials, you may want to consider renting or purchasing several roll-off dumpsters so you can keep these materials separated. For example, paper and plastic typically go in one container, scrap metal in another, etc.


You cannot place a roll-off dumpster on a dirt surface, but only on asphalt, gravel, concrete, etc. You should also protect the surface, if needed, as the wheel can cause scratches. You can do this by placing some thick wood, such as plywood, under the wheels to use as a cushion between the floor and container surface.

Accessible Items

You should understand that there are items that are not acceptable for use in a roll-off dumpster. Make sure you talk with the rental company to know what you can dispose of. Most unacceptable items include paint, hazardous materials, tires, and computers.

Save Money

If you are a homeowner, tell your neighbors you are renting a dumpster. They may have large items in their home they need to get rid of, such as an old chair sitting in their garage, or things inside their home. If so, they may offer to split the costs with you.

You should also clear out the area beforehand to have room for the dumpster. If you do not and the dumpster service has to do this for you, they may charge extra money.

Roll-off dumpsters can help you keep things organized, as well as provide safety at your workplace. When choosing a container, talk with a roll-off services company, such as Metropolis Disposal, to help you choose what is best for you.