Three Areas Of Your Home Where It's Important To Clean Up Soot From A Fire

26 January 2015
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The kind of damage that a fire inflicts on a home can be very devastating. If you wait until it's too late to address problems that emerge with time, such as soot penetration, costs can quickly become unmanageable. You need to specifically remember to get these three areas of your home cleaned after a fire if you want to minimize expensive soot damage as much as possible.

Kitchen Sink

Any soot that makes it into your kitchen sink has a long way to fall and plenty of pipe surface area to damage. While soot buildup is also similarly bad for bathroom sinks, the pipe network immediately branching off from a bathroom is rarely as large or vulnerable as the one leading from a kitchen.

Even before a professional fire restoration team arrives, it's a very good idea to block the opening of your kitchen sink with a towel to prevent further soot buildup. It's also prudent to take a moment to scrub any obvious soot off of the metal surface of the sink itself.

Edges Of Your Carpet

Soot can be cleared off a carpet with a strong vacuum very easily. But if a large amount of soot is allowed to penetrate between the carpet near the edges of a room and the floor, it'll cause a permanent corrosive effect that will be almost impossible to remove.

Do your best to move any stray furniture away from the perimeter of a room with a carpet in it. The small amount of effort this task will require will completely neutralize the most common perches from which soot falls onto the edges of a carpet.

Exterior Pool

If you own a pool, you should know that it's especially vulnerable to soot damage. This is because the filtration system designed to keep pool water pure is extremely effective for circulating soot.

Don't run your pool again until you're sure that the filtration system has been cleaned as much as is possible. Since most pool surfaces are rough and uneven, you also need to pay special attention to cleaning up every inconspicuous soot clump you can find on the bottom of your pool.

Soot buildup mitigation is a job both for yourself and for any professional cleanup team that you hire. If you don't take the problem of soot seriously from the outset of a fire, you could end up paying a much bigger repair bill than you have to.