How To Deal With A Broken Window In Harsh Winter Weather

29 January 2015
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Winter is perhaps the worst time for home repairs. And unfortunately, it is also one of the times in which home repairs often become necessary. When a winter storm rages and causes a broken window in your home, you may find yourself at a loss. You know that repair and/or replacement is needed, but you also know that there is little that can be done in the middle of a winter storm. However, there are steps that you can take until you can get an expert to your home for new glass installation to help you remain safe and comfortable in your home in the meantime. All you need to do is learn what you can do to deal with the situation. 

Protection and Cleanup

Before you go near the broken window in your home, be sure to put on protective gloves and eyewear. If you have gardening gloves or work gloves, use those. Otherwise use any kind of glove that can provide a protective barrier between your hands and the window. For eyewear, work goggles are the best choice, but any type of goggles or glasses will do in a pinch. 

Next, you will want to assess the damage. If the window appears to only be cracked, press gently against the surface of the window to be sure that it will not shatter or fall. Use packing tape or duct tape to cover the cracks in the window.

This will help stabilize the glass and keep it from breaking or from leaking more air. If the window does have a hole in it, clean up any glass shards and tape up the cracks surrounding the hole. 

Dealing With Holes

If your window has a large hole or several large holes, you will need to cover these with thick plastic sheeting or heavy duty trash bags. If you do not have heavy duty plastic, used thin trash bags, grocery bags, or any other plastic you can find. 

Place the plastic over the holes and use several layers securing it with the same tape you used to cover the cracks. The more layers, the better the protection from the elements. 

If the holes are small, you may be able to use tape to cover it. Or you can apply clear nail polish to fill the hole. Apply clear polish in several layers, allowing it to dry each time you apply it. Then cover with tape for extra security.

Close Off The Area

Even with the layers of plastic, tape, and nail polish, cold air will leak through your broken window, especially in the stormy winter weather. If possible close off the room in which the window is broken. 

For example, if the broken window is in one of the bedrooms in your home. Close heat vents to that room, close the door, and line the bottom of the door with thick towels to prevent air seepage. This will keep your entire home from being effected by the broken window.

If you take these important steps to deal with your broken window, you will be able to weather the winter storm and comfortably wait until storm has passed for professional repairs (from outlets such as Custom Glass Mirror Image LLC) and replacement. So, be sure to keep these tips in mind if you ever suffer a broken window in the cold of winter.