Consumer Safety: The Best Reason To Maintain Your Parking Lot

3 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A nicely maintained parking lot at your place of business not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it also helps to minimize some types of accidents that could potentially land you in court. Taking steps to maintain a safe parking lot is important for you to run the most profitable and successful business. Find out how you can avoid being sued over an accident in your parking lot.

Slip And Fall Accidents Are The Cause Of Many Lawsuits

When you think about being sued over a slip and fall accident, you may automatically think of inside your business, maybe after an employee has mopped the floor. However, you may be surprised to learn many business owners are taken to court by customers that have slipped and fallen in the parking lot. Cracks and potholes in your parking lot can be unsafe, especially for an elderly person using a walker or cane. The asphalt coated in protective sealant on a regular basis usually has few to zero issues like cracks and potholes. If you notice sandy areas on the surface of your lot, consider how someone could slip on them. Always maintain the smoothest, safest asphalt surface in your parking lot for avoiding slip and fall lawsuits.

Speed Bumps Can Pose A Safety Hazard To Pedestrians

If there are speed bumps in the parking lot at your business, you could be at risk for being sued over speed bump related injuries. While speed bumps are placed in parking lots to slow traffic and decrease accidents, the person walking may trip over one that is not clearly marked.  Also, consider how a pedestrian might easily trip over an unmarked speed bump in a poorly lit parking lot at night, a good reason to have clearly marked speed bumps and proper street lamps. Speed bumps that are too high can also cause slip and fall accidents. If the speed bumps in your parking lot are angled steeper than twenty five degrees, they are sloped too high. In most areas, five degrees is enough to be effective in slowing down traffic. Learn more about the correct slope degree for speed bumps in your area by contacting a local civic engineer.

Parking Lot Maintenance Is Overhead Cost For Your Business

Being safe rather than being in court saying sorry to an injured pedestrian is the best and most profitable policy. Including the cost of parking lot maintenance into your overhead costs is important. Discussing with a professional asphalt contractor can help you learn more about the charges for providing the repairs your parking lot may require right away. The cost of regularly scheduled maintenance is more than likely cheaper and easier to include in your overhead budget. Talk to people like Hals Construction for more information.