Ick! What's That Smell? How To Know If You Have A Mold Problem

9 February 2015
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Everyone knows that having mold in the home can make you sick. What everyone doesn't know is how to check to see if there is mold growing in their home. Luckily, checking for mold is incredibly simple. Here are some simple things you can do, should you suspect mold growth in your home...

If It Smells Wrong, It Probably Is

One of your greatest assets in your fight against mold in your home is just to follow your nose. Chances are if you smell the mold, then it is somewhere in the home. While it is important to rule out things such as spoiled food or wet clothes, generally that funk in the air is mold growing somewhere. The thing to look out for is that dry, musty smell that just doesn't seem to leave.

Search Those Deep, Dark Places

Mold in general likes to hide out in damp locations, making your cellar or even attic prime real estate. Also take a look around parts of your house you rarely visit to check for leaks. A small leak can turn into a big mold problem in no time. Another, albeit harder-to-miss place to search is any water basin in the home. The bottom line is don't leave any corner of your home unsearched, and if you see the signs of black marks on any surface in your home, call a professional black mold removal immediately.

Sudden, Unexplained Illness

Sometimes mold can be sneaky, however, and you might have it in your home without any knowledge whatsoever. A big tell is when you feel unexplainably tired or congested in your own home, yet always end up feeling better when you leave the home. Regardless, if being home just seems like its making you sick, mold could very well be the culprit.

Get Tested

The ultimate way to check if your house has a mold problem is to hire a professional. A professional will come in your home and perform a variety of test to detect any latent mold that could be present. The test are comprehensive and cover three main areas: air, surface, and bulk testing. All three of which are tailored to check specific things in your home for spores. It is also wise to get your home check should you be experiencing the health symptoms as well to make sure that it is mold causing your ailment instead of something else.

All-in-all, getting mold removed from your house as soon as possible is recommended. It can not only hurt you and your family, but mold also tends to affect things such as your property value as well.