How To Design Your Parking Lot

6 March 2015
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When designing your parking lot, you will need to consider a variety of factors, including the types of cars that will park there, how many and how you would like to control the flow of traffic. Once you have considered all of these factors, you'll be ready to get started constructing it.

The Weight of the Vehicles

The biggest concern with parking lots is whether they are able to handle the weight of vehicles placed on top of them. Therefore, the parking lot will need a level sub base. It will also need to be made from concrete that has the right thickness. For light cars, a 4-inch pavement is good enough. However, if larger vehicles will need to drive onto the parking lot, such as delivery trucks, you will need six inches or more.

The Number of Parking Stalls Available

The more parking stalls that you are able to fit in a parking lot, the less parking lot space you will need because you will be able to fit more vehicles into a smaller space. However, the stalls must also be flexible to take into consideration the different size of the stalls. For example, sports utility vehicles have become popular and have made it necessary for businesses to widen more of their stalls to accommodate.

Uniform Vs. Different-Sized Parking Stalls

You have the option of either designing all of your stalls to hold larger vehicles, since smaller vehicles will fit inside the larger stalls, or design your parking lot with a mix of sizes to accommodate different vehicle types while also maximizing how many cars you can accommodate.

Parking Bumpers

One of the challenges of designing parking lot is controlling what the cars in each parking lot will do. Motorists might pull up too far and block a sidewalk or end up on the grass, causing damage to the landscaping. Fortunately, there are many structures you can use to stop the vehicles. You need to ensure that these structures will both stop vehicles and will also not damage them, which would anger customers.

Parking bumpers are an effective way of controlling how far motorists pull up because they block the front wheels, preventing the motorist from moving forward. These blocks can be made out of a variety of materials, including concrete, plastic and rubber.

Design Considerations

You will want the parking blocks to be visible. Therefore, you will need them to be colorful enough that they stand out in contrast to the color of your parking lot. Color options can include solid colors such as blue, yellow, orange and in stripes.

While the main goal of a parking lot is functionality, you can also make your parking lot aesthetically appealing and help you engage in branding. Consider what company colors you can incorporate into your parking lot that can help customers remember your company. Talk to experts like for more information.