3 Myths About Home Fire Sprinklers That Get In The Way Of Lives Being Saved

31 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Having a sprinkler system in your home should be considered just as important as having fire extinguishers in your home. However, many people have misconceptions about home first sprinkler systems, and these myths can get in the way of lives being saved. Read on to find out the facts, so you can ditch those false beliefs about how sprinkler systems work and what they are capable of. 

Myth #1: They Destroy a Home with Water Damage when They Are Activated

Many people don't have sprinkler systems in their homes, because they think that the water will just destroy their home once it puts out a fire. The truth is that not only can you purchase sprinkler systems that spray water only in the exact location the fire starts, but the water used to put out the fire is much less than a fire-fighter would even have to spray to put the fire out. 

Fire will also continue to spread throughout the home when there is no sprinkler system in place, while sprinklers will control the damage by putting the fire out before it has a chance to spread. 

Myth #2: Fire Sprinklers Are Easily Triggered Accidentally

Another misconception is that home fire sprinklers can easily be triggered by accident. This can lead to cigarette smokers and people who may occasionally burn an item in the oven not even considering the thought of getting fire sprinklers for their homes. 

This misconception may stem from the fact that smoke can trigger many fire alarms, often called smoke detectors. Fire sprinklers are not triggered by smoke, but instead by high temperatures. Even your hot kitchen won't set them off when cooking, because the average sprinkler system will not become triggered until the air surrounding it reaches between 135 to 165-degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you are extremely worried about triggering sprinklers on accident, then you can opt for a system that is triggered by temperature closer to the high end of that temperature range. 

Myth #3: Fire Sprinklers Must Be Installed During Initial Home Construction

Many people think that installing a sprinkler system in a home is impossible after the home is already built. While it is true that system installation is definitely easier during initial home construction, it is very possible to have systems installed later. 

When installing such an important device designed to keep your home and family safe, sprinklers should definitely be installed by a professional. 

Forget the myths about fire sprinklers that keep you from having this life-saving device installed in your home. Sprinkler systems are just as important as fire extinguishers, and they can not only save your family, but your home as well. Contact an outlet, such as Nor Cal Fire Protection, to see how they can best help fulfill your needs.