Answering Common Questions Concerning Renting A Backhoe For Water Line Repair

28 April 2015
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When you have a major water leak in the lines that lead up to your home, you could spend hours with a shovel trying to get down to the problem. Not only is this a back-breaking job, but it is one that will consume a lot more of your time than necessary. If you have access to a construction equipment rental company, renting a backhoe for the water line repair job is much more logical.

If you have never rented a piece of heavy construction equipment, it is likely that you have several questions about the process. Here are a few of the most common and the answers you definitely need to know so you can hurry up and get the water line repair job complete.

Can the backhoe be delivered to your property?

It is understandable that not everyone has a truck and trailer large enough to haul heavy construction equipment, and therefore, most rental companies do offer equipment delivery to their customers. If you need the equipment delivered, you will have to make arrangements in advance to pay for the equipment so it can be ready to go on the day that you need it.

Is there a licensing requirement for operating a backhoe?

The smaller backhoe models that are typically offered by construction rental companies are pretty standard to operate with an automatic transmission and levers that are used to control the lift. A license or certification is not a requirement, but you should expect that a representative from the rental company will quickly go over safe operating practices when your backhoe is picked up or delivered.

How are you charged for the backhoe rental?

Different rental companies price their rentals in different ways. You may be charged by the day or the hour. Some companies charge a flat fee that covers so many hours and then an additional charge for anything thereafter. You will also have to pay a fee for insuring the equipment while it is in your possession. If you have a major water line project, it is best to rent the backhoe for a longer amount of time up front so you can save money.

When you have access to the right kind of equipment, it is amazing how much more you can get accomplished. If you have further questions and concerns about using or renting a backhoe, be sure to consult an construction equipment rental representative for help.