Designing And Constructing A Home To Share With Your In-Laws

11 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

There are a number of reasons why you may elect to live with your in-laws. Some cultures promote families living in one housing unit while others will make the decision based on financial reasons. For some, taking care of parents as they are aging means living together to be close by so that help is always readily available. If you want to build a new home that will allow you the opportunity to have privacy but live with your in-laws, a design-build home from top to bottom is best for you. Here are some tips on creating home with dual living. 

Top and bottom living floors

If your in-laws are elderly they may need to walk up fewer stairs and take fewer steps to get to their living quarters. When building a home, consider two separate entrances, with one on the street level, and another above. You, your spouse, and your children can live in the upstairs portion. Be sure that the design offers kitchens, restrooms, and living quarters on each floor. Anything that will be shared, such as laundry rooms and access to the garage, should be placed on the bottom floor so that your in-laws will not have to walk up and down steps. 

Split the home with a deck 

Many modern homes are being created with the same square footage as a two story home, but sitting down on one story. If you want to go for a modern home design, you may be interested in a single story home that is split by a deck. The home will be in the design of a square, with  deck in the center, instead of a walled-off area. This means that to get to one another's living quarters, you will a have to cross over the deck, rather than enter through a simple door. This will offer privacy to each family but quick access when necessary. It also clearly makes the outdoor space shared quarters for everyone to enjoy. 

A home and a carriage house

If you and your in-laws value having a completely separate home for a myriad of reasons, you can elect to build a home and a carriage house at the same time. A carriage house, or a cottage house, will sit in the backyard of your home and can be built with just as much luxury as the main home. If you are a young couple and just starting out, you may find it beneficial to have the carriage house, while your in-laws live in the main home. The carriage house will have lower utilities and other expenses, plus receive a secluded privacy you may yearn for in the early years of your marriage. Contact a business, such as Lehman Construction Services Inc, for more information.