Schoolyard Fencing To Extend The Play Area For Kids

15 June 2016
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Fencing in the outdoor play area around daycare centers and schools is a necessary step in keeping the kids safe while they are playing. It will put a stop to kids wandering beyond the safe zone and balls rolling out into the street. The fencing doesn't have to cut off the play area – it can extend it. Consider using the fence to add more play features for the kids to utilize as they enjoy fresh air and sun on beautiful days.

Giant Chalkboard

A few sheets of plywood, sandpaper, mounting brackets and chalkboard paint is all you need to create a giant chalkboard for the kids to have fun with. Simply sand the plywood smooth, wipe it down, cover it with a coat or two of chalkboard paint and mount it to the fence. Hang a few buckets around to hold some chalk and let the kids have hours of fun creating pictures of the things they enjoy.

You can even use this chalkboard for outdoor class sessions!

Garden Center

Kids are spending time with you each day to learn new things. Creating garden centers that are mounted directly on the fence can help you teach them about how things grow and how to grow plants of their own.

Mounting workstations around the fence that include countertops, a water spigot to fill watering cans and wash hands and buckets to hold tools needed for gardening is a small investment that will have a huge return.

Container gardens can be mounted to the fencing as well. You can use all sorts of things for potters to make it look creative and fun. Old rubber rain boots, buckets and anything else you can think of that will hold soil and support the weight of the plant can be mounted to the fence and used as potters for plants.


If you've ever watched The Price is Right, you know all about the game Plinko. Disks are dropped from atop the wall and they ping back and forth through a pegged surface until landing in a bin at the bottom, telling the player how much money they just won.

You can use this same concept on your fence. You just need some PVC pipe to make the pegs, some mounting brackets, buckets or bins and Frisbees. The kids can drop the Frisbees at the top and watch as they bounce around, making their way to the bins or buckets below. Give each bucket a number and the kids can work on their counting skills as they play.

A little creativity and some supplies can help you utilize the fence and extend the play area for the kids you see each day. Use these ideas to build on and create a fun-zone like no other. Visit to learn more.