Two Instances Where Having A Land Survey Done May Be Wise

15 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Having a land survey conducted can be a critical step in protecting yourself against liabilities when it comes to your property because this survey will clearly mark the boundaries of your property so that you will not accidentally infringe on your neighbor's land. For those that have limited experience using land survey services, it can be easy to be unsure of when land surveying should be done. In particular, there are two times where hiring a professional for this type of work may be a safe precaution.

Real Estate Transactions

The purchase of a piece of real estate can be a major transaction for you to make. However, if you will be needing to use financing to purchase the property, the bank may require you to submit the results of having the property surveyed. These results are needed so that the lender can verify the property being financed. While having this work completed can require you to pay for the services of a professional surveyor and may extend the time needed to close on the property, it can be an unavoidable aspect of financing a property.

If you will be paying for the property without financing, it may still be wise for you to have the land surveyed. It can be difficult to understand the boundaries of the property without the results of this survey.

Home And Property Improvement Projects

Prior to undertaking a home improvement project, it is important for you to have a survey done. This is necessary to verify that your project will not impede property lines. When a person makes the mistake of making an improvement that violates the property boundary of their neighbor, they may be liable for the costs of repairing the property and the legal fees of the neighbor. Additionally, it can be a common requirement for communities to require proof of a land survey in order to grant a building permit. To avoid needing to pay for expensive changes to your project's designs, you should make sure to have the survey completed prior to hiring a designer.

Land surveys can provide you with the valuable information needed to protect yourself when it comes to real estate transactions and improvement projects. For those that have little experience with these services, knowing these two instances where a professional land survey is needed can help to avoid some potentially serious complications and liabilities that can arise, which will make these services worth far more than the relatively small fee that they require.