How To Replace Your Basement's Failed Sump Pump

1 December 2016
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If your home's sump pump is not working and needs to be replaced, then you will be pleased to learn that this is a job any homeowner can easily complete. Even if you do not have plumbing experience, replacing a basement sump pump is a simple procedure. Follow these simple steps to replace your sump pump:

Step 1: Remove all Power from the Failed Pump

Before unplugging the broken sump pump, first, you need to turn off the power breaker to the area. This will ensure that no water will come into contact with live power lines during the repair process and you will not get shocked when you unplug the failed pump.

Step 2: Cut the Water Outlet Pipe

When your basement's sump pump is running, it discharges water out of its outlet pipe. Before you can remove the sump pump, first you must cut this pipe. Using a pair of PVC cutting shears, cut off the pump's outlet pipe as close to the pump as possible to preserve its length. Once the pump has been removed, it can be recycled if it is made of metal or thrown in your household trash if it is a plastic pump.

Step 3: Place and Level the New Pump

Place the new sump pump in your sump pit in the same place that you removed the old pump from. Since it is important for the function of the pump that it is sitting on a level surface, use a level to make sure the pump is sitting straight. Adjust the height of the pump using small wooden shims if you need to in order for the pump to be level. 

Step 4: Connect the Pump's Outlet Pipe

Attach the outlet pipe to the new sump pump using a threaded PVC connector pipe that is the right size for the plumbing's connection. Make sure that you sand each piece of PVC pipe and prime them with PVC primer before you glue them together. This will ensure that the plumbing connection will not leak.

Step 5: Restore the Electricity Service to Your Sump Pump

Finally, once your new sump pump is level and connected to the outlet pipe, it is time to plug it into the wall outlet and restore the electrical service to the room at the wall panel. Test that your new pump is working by dumping a bucket of water into the sump pit and ensuring that the new pump runs as it should.

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