Spray Guns vs. Rollers for Interior Painting

14 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Painting inside of your home is a great project, but what is the best way to do it? Most people either paint their walls with paint rollers or a spray gun. This article explains the key differences between these two approaches. It should help you decide which approach is best for your particular property. For some homes, it will be more practical to use rollers, while a spray gun might be the best option for other homes.

Using a Spray Gun

Spray guns are definitely best for new construction, especially for homes that do not have floors yet. The main drawback to using a spray gun is that there is a lot of overspray that can get all over everything. However, this overspray won't be that big of an issue if you don't have any flooring, windows, or door fixtures installed. If you are currently living in a completely finished home and want to spray it, you need to do extensive preparation and masking off. This will probably be more time consuming than the actual paint job.

Using Paint Rollers

When you use paint rollers you are able to control the mess because there is no overspray to worry about. Of course, you can still drip and spill paint, so you need to mask off beforehand. Nonetheless, your prep work doesn't need to be as comprehensive if you are just going to use rollers and brushes to complete the job.

The Quickest Approach

A spray gun enables you to get paint onto the walls very quickly. But, when you factor in the time it takes to set up and clean the gun, it is not practical to use a spray gun if you are just painting one room. If you are doing your entire house, the set up time will be well worth it. 

A roller is much slower than a paint gun. However, if you have a few people working at the same time, each equipped with a paint roller, it will probably be faster than one person with a spray gun. Furthermore, rollers are usually cheaper than the price of a short term spray gun rental.

Ultimately, both techniques can give you great results and a beautiful paint job. It is definitely a good idea to walk around your house and consider if you think using a spray gun or using rollers will be the quickest, cleanest, and most efficient approach. To learn more about the ideal tools for your project, contact companies like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc.