Do Your Due Diligence Before Hiring An Asphalt Company -- But What Does That Mean?

1 November 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are looking to have an asphalt driveway, private road or walkway laid, you are likely looking to hire a residential asphalt company to lay the asphalt. When you are looking to hire one of these companies, you are told to do your due diligence before hiring one. However, many people do not understand what that means. If you have read an article or blog that has advised you to do your due diligence before hiring a residential asphalt company, here are the steps you should take to ensure you do your due diligence. 

Verify That They are Licensed and Insured

The first step to doing your due diligence when hiring a residential asphalt company is to verify that they are licensed and insured. When you are looking to work with a company, ask for their license number. By law, a licensed company is required to provide you with their license number. You can then contact the licensing department in your county to ensure that the license number is correct and still valid. Additionally, you should ask them about their insurance information. A great company will have no problem showing you their current insurance policy. This will help you verify that they are indeed insured, what their insurance limits are and what type of insurance coverage they have. 

Research the Company's Reputation

The next step in doing your due diligence before hiring an asphalt company is to research the company's reputation. The internet has made it easier than ever to research the reputation of a company. But this is not the only step you should take when researching a company. Always ask the company you are considering working with for references. Then talk to these references. Ask them what the contractor or company was like to work with, how their asphalt work has held up and if they would recommend the contractor. This will give you insight into what it will be like to do business with this company. 

Obtain Estimates Before Hiring a Company

The last step to doing your due diligence before hiring an asphalt company is to obtain quotes from a few different companies. When you are obtaining estimates, be sure to ask what is included in the estimate. If you have an existing surface, does the quote include breaking up the existing surface and hauling it away? Does the quote include fill dirt and sand that is needed before laying the asphalt? Is sealing the asphalt included? Always make sure you obtain estimates and then find out what is included in those estimates. 

If you need asphalt work done, you will want to do your due diligence to ensure you are hiring a reputable, reliable company. Knowing what this consists of and what steps to take can help you find the best residential asphalt company for your needs.