3 Ways Regular Tree Trimming Can Protect Your Property

6 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Trees add beauty to yards, and they can offer some bonuses to boot, like protecting your home from excessive sunlight. However, trees can also do a lot of damage to your property if you don't take the proper precautions. Thankfully, protecting your property is easy with regular tree trimmings. Read on to learn about the three varieties of damage you can avoid with regular tree maintenance.

Roof Damage

When trees become older, they tend to create many offshoot branches. While these branches are often young and healthy, they also tend to be thin and weak due to their youth. Unfortunately, these branches can cause a lot of damage if they break, which is common when weather conditions are poor. Hail, rain, snow, and heavy rain can all break off new tree branches, which could cause serious damage to your roof or even your other property, like your cars.

It's a good idea to hire a tree trimmer to come and keep your tree's limbs at a manageable length until they become strong enough to withstand poor weather.

Plumbing Damage

In most cases, trees don't grow in just one direction - the taller a tree is, the deeper its roots become. While tall trees are lovely, what's going on under the surface could potentially be wreaking havoc on your plumbing.

Long tree roots can tear right through sewage lines that allow drainage from your home into the sewers. When these lines are punctured or broken, they can leak sewage into your yard. Unfortunately, you might not even know about the damage until the sewage rises to the surface of your yard. By this time, your yard will be thoroughly saturated with it and you'll need to spend a great deal of money on the cleanup and repairing your pipes.

By maintaining a set height on your tree, you can help to reduce the risk of roots growing too long and causing harm to your pipes.

Broken Concrete

Lastly, in the same way that tree roots can cause damage to your plumbing, they can also harm concrete in your yard.

Chances are you've seen tree roots that have caused concrete to buckle at some point. As a tree grows more branches, it also tends to grow new roots. These roots start out fairly close to the trunk and the surface of the earth, since sunlight and nutrients are rich there. However, as these roots grow, they can break concrete, asphalt, and stone.

Making sure to trim your tree regularly can slow down or reduce the amount of roots that grow, which can help to protect your yard from damage.

Trees have a place in yards, but they also need to be managed or they can cause a lot of headaches. Talk to a tree trimming service company today to get a quote on getting your tree trimmed on a regular basis.