Keeping Your Garage Door Springs In Great Shape

20 August 2018
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Regularly maintenance and upkeep of your garage door can help you to prevent a lot of future issues and problems from coming up. One of the common problems that come up with a lot of garage doors is with the springs. This is why you want to make sure you pay proper attention to your garage door's springs. The springs do almost all of the heavy lifting for the entire door when it is an automatic garage door, and this puts so much stress on them that they can easily have issues come up. Here are some of the things you can do to stay on top of the springs.

Always check the door's condition when the door is down

Anytime you are going to be looking at your garage door to check it out, you want to be sure you have it shut all the way. You should never try to disconnect anything on the door when it is up; this can put you in a very dangerous position where you can find yourself getting seriously injured. You also want to pull on the emergency cord to make sure the door is disconnected from its motor before messing with anything, so it doesn't accidentally get opened while you are working on it.

Check all the connections

You want to check all of the connections on a regular basis and make sure everything looks okay. You want to verify that the springs don't appear to be in danger of slipping out of the connections. You also want to make sure the springs don't look as if they are starting to bend in an unnatural way which would put them at risk of snapping.

Oil the springs

You want to be sure you keep the springs oiled. You should also wipe them down before you oil them to remove the old oil and any of the dirt that has gathered on them. Once they are clean, then you can apply some fresh oil to them. This is going to help to keep them moving smoothly, and it will also give you the added bonus of having them move quietly.

Test the springs

You can test the springs my lifting the door manually to about halfway. If the door feels like it is going to come crashing down if you let it go, then the springs are weak. However, if you are able to let go of the garage door when it is in the middle position, and it stays in place, then the springs appear to be in good working order still. You want to raise it one more time, about three-fourths of the way up and see if it stays in place at this height. If so, then you can continue feeling confident that the springs appear to be in good shape. Never let go if the door feels as if it is going to fall down.

For more information, contact your local garage door spring repair service.