Improving Your Home's Comfort And Efficiency With Spray Foam Insulation

20 June 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

For any homeowner, improving the comfort of their home is something that should be taken seriously. However, homeowners are often not in a strong position to improve the comfort of their home as a result of being unfamiliar with the upgrades that can provide the biggest improvement. Spray foam insulation is a good example of an upgrade that could provide benefits that far outweigh the costs of installing the insulation.

Is Spray Foam As Effective As Traditional Insulation?

There are a number of reasons why spray foam insulation can be easier and more convenient to install than traditional insulation. However, this can lead to homeowners thinking that this insulation may not be as effective at stopping heat transfer. Yet, spray foam insulation is actually far more efficient than traditional insulation. This is due to the spray foam having fewer gaps in it that could allow heat to pass through.

Will Spray Foam Help With Noise Reduction?

Excessive noise from the outside can have major impacts on the comfort of life in your home. These problems are especially problematic for homes with insufficient insulation, as the insulation can act to absorb many of the outside sounds before they are able to make it inside your house. While spray foam can be effective at preventing noise pollution inside your home, it is important to consider the noise reduction rating for any spray foam insulation products you are considering using. As with other types of insulation, spray foam can have varying degrees of effectiveness at noise reduction. If you are interested in the insulation's ability to block noise, it will be important to choose the option with the highest sound reduction rating.

Which Walls Should You Prioritize For The Spray Foam?

Homeowners may not actually consider installing spray foam insulation in their homes due to believing that it will have to be installed on every wall in the entire house. However, most of the heat loss or gain that a home experiences will be the result of the exterior walls, floors, and ceilings. For this reason, these should be the areas of the house that you prioritize for adding insulation. If your home has an attached garage, this can be another area that may benefit from this particular type of insulation. Ensuring that these areas of the home are properly insulated can allow you to keep the house energy efficient and comfortable while minimizing the cost of installing this insulation.