Everything You Need To Consider Before Buying Used Log Homes

26 July 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you would like to purchase a log cabin, you will need to know if your cabin is in a livable condition. When purchasing used log homes or looking for a log cabin to lease, there are items to consider. During your log cabin search, you will find, unfortunately, that many realtors are uninformed on log cabins. How do you make certain the log cabin you want is in a good state? If you find a qualified inspector, inspecting every potential home will be costly. Once you know what areas of cabins to inspect, you will narrow down your search and only then pay for an inspector.

Log Cabin Base

Be on the lookout for the base being in contact with the ground. The cabin must be elevated to avoid absorbing extra moisture and insects. There should at least be a six-inch space between the logs and the ground. If you see logs flat on the ground, see if they have had any pressure treatment.

When logs are pressure treated, they have a good chance of avoiding everything that wants to eat it like bacteria, insects, and fungi. You should stay clear of any cabins with logs in contact with the ground that has never been pressure treated.

Exterior staining

Water can be a major issue for log cabins because when they get wet and don't dry, they decay. Therefore most cabins are weatherproofed or have some staining. It is easy to determine how good the exterior staining is. Check to see if there is any uncovered wood anywhere. Also, check to see if staining is patchy.


Many log homes will shrink when they adjust to a different climate and weather. Contractors will keep this in mind and allow for shrinking and settling when they build it. If the log cabin did not settle properly, doors and windows might not open properly if at all. Check the interior wall for any signs that they are under pressure and close to collapsing. Look at the roof if you can for any dips or bumps. These kinds of matters could eat up an enormous amount of money.

When you are searching for a used log cabin. There are important sections of the home to inspect before you make your final decision. On the exterior lookout for the base of the cabin touching the ground, water damage, and dip on the roof of the cabin. Inside check for any signs that the walls are under pressure and if there are any signs of insects. Once you have found a couple of homes that pass your criteria, you can seek log home services that will further inspect the property.