Problems That Need To Be Repaired Before Finishing The Basement

17 October 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have an older home that you are renovating, and you want to have more space with a finished basement, there is some work that needs to be done before you begin. To start, it is important to have the foundation inspected for damage that needs repairs. There are also improvements that you will want to have done to prevent damage after the basement finishing has been completed. The following problems with basement foundations in older homes are some of the things you will want to address before you begin restoration work:

Structural Problems Due to Old Concrete and Failing Block Foundation Walls

In the past, concrete blocks were a common material used for foundation walls in basements. The problem with block walls is that they can easily fail if they are not correctly reinforced. Therefore, you want to address structural issues with old concrete and block walls that are beginning to bow due to the stress and weight of the soil on the exterior of your foundation.

Issues with Waterproofing Failing and Causing Foundation Cracks and Water Problems in the Basement

Waterproofing can fail over time in older homes because the materials are often asphalt-based and eventually dry and crack. This failure is what often leads to problems with cracks in foundation walls, which can get worse over time if they are not addressed and repaired correctly. In addition, the waterproofing system can be installed on the interior of the foundation or upgraded on the exterior to help prevent damage to foundation walls.

Dealing with Poor Drainage and Preparing Your Basement Foundation for Plumbing Installations

Poor drainage is another problem that you are going to have to deal with in the basement of your home. This is something that can be improved with the addition of a drainage system that is connected to the sump pump well. The sump pump is going to be needed for the plumbing system to remove wastewater from your basement.

Improving Footings of The Foundation to Support Loads and Make Changes In The Basement

Sometimes, the structural problems in the basement are due to poor footings that have failed due to structural loads. Therefore, you want to address these issues before finishing the basement. In addition, you may want to add footings to the foundation to support changes to the structure that are made during the renovations.

These are some of the problems with basement foundations that you will want to address before you begin renovating your home and finishing the basement. If you need help with repairs before you start work, contact a foundation repair service to address these issues and avoid costly problems later.