The Benefits Of Closed Cell Spray Foam

29 December 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are looking to have spray foam insulation installed in your home or commercial building, one of the choices you have to make is whether to select open cell spray foam or closed cell spray foam. Open cell spray foam does not remove the air that enters the spraying mechanism while the foam is being sprayed, resulting in air bubbles, or open cells, in the spray foam. Closed cell spray foam ensures no air is blown into the spray foam, closing all of the cells. Here are a few of the benefits that closed cell spray foam has over open cell spray foam.

Has Higher Insulation Properties

One of the major benefits associated with closed cell spray foam insulation is that it has higher insulation properties compared to open cell spray foam. Open cell has air bubbles in it. These air bubbles allow air and sound to pass through the insulation, whereas closed cell helps to prevent this from happening. The R-value of insulation affects its insulation properties, and close cell spray foam has higher R-values for the same thickness levels.

Better Controls Moisture and Condensation

Another major benefit that closed cell spray foam has compared to open cell spray foam is that closed cell spray foam better controls moisture and condensation. Condensation can form between the air gaps or air bubbles in open cell spray foam. This can cause the spray foam to break down sooner or can lead to mold or mildew problems. Closed cell spray foam helps to prevent this issue, preventing mold or mildew issues.

Is Energy Efficient and Qualifies for LEED Credits

Both open cell and closed cell spray foam are more energy efficient than older types of insulation, such as batt insulation. However, as a general rule of thumb, only closed cell spray foam qualifies for energy efficient rebates and LEED credits that your local city, county or state may be offering. This can help to offset the higher cost of associated with closed cell spray foam, while also helping to keep your energy usage as low as possible in your home or building.

There are many benefits associated with both open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam. Taking the time to then weigh the benefits that closed cell spray foam has over open cell spray foam allows you to learn more about the various types of spray foam you can select from and help you make an educated decision as to which option is the better choice for.