Asphalt Maintenance Guide To Help Deal With Minor Cracks And Damage To Get More Life Out Of Pavement

15 May 2020
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If you want asphalt pavement to last and prevent serious damage that can be costly to repair, then good maintenance routines are important. In addition, there are some repairs and improvements that may need to be done to deal with minor damage like cracking. The following asphalt maintenance guide will help you deal with some of the problems you may have with your pavement due to minor cracks and damage:

Filling Minor Problems With Erosion And Soil Loss That Can Cause Serious Damage To Asphalt Pavement

One of the biggest problems with asphalt pavement that can cause serious damage is erosion and loss of soil. It is important that you routinely inspect the surface of your pavement and look for low spots and minor holes that need to be repaired. Repair these problems by filling the voids and patching the asphalt. If there are cracks and other visible damage, then a seal coating can be used to hide and protect these repairs.

Maintaining The Pavement Storm Drain System To Help Prevent Serious Damage To Asphalt Surfaces

Many pavement installations have some sort of storm drain system, which is important to prevent damage to your asphalt surfaces. These storm drain systems have pipes and drainage grates that need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure they are doing their job to protect your pavement and reduce wear.

Asphalt Crack Seal Coating To Give Pavements New Life and Reduce Wear Due To Cracks and Drainage Problems

One of the problems that cause serious damage to the surface of your pavement is sun exposure and weathering. This often causes minor cracks to start showing up, which can easily be repaired before the damage gets worse. Crack seal coating will help seal the cracks and prevent the damage from getting worse to ensure your pavement lasts longer.

Finish Seal Coating and Pavement Painting To Make Your Asphalt Pavements Look Like New Without Costly Resurfacing or Replacement

There are also finish seal coatings that can be applied to your pavement, which will protect them from damage and make them look newer. In addition to seal coating the surface, new pavement paint for parking or custom finishes can also be a great way to make asphalt look like new again and make it last longer before costly resurfacing or replacement needs to be done.

These are some of the things that you need to know about asphalt pavement maintenance and repairing problems with minor damage. To learn more about pavement upkeep, contact asphalt crack sealing services in your area.