The Benefits Of Closed Cell Spray Foam

29 December 2019
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If you are looking to have spray foam insulation installed in your home or commercial building, one of the choices you have to make is whether to select open cell spray foam or closed cell spray foam. Open cell spray foam does not remove the air that enters the spraying mechanism while the foam is being sprayed, resulting in air bubbles, or open cells, in the spray foam. Closed cell spray foam ensures no air is blown into the spray foam, closing all of the cells. Read More 

The Benefits Of Having A Shower Niche Installed In Your Bathroom

22 November 2019
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Are you tired of having bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all over the bathtub? While you are showering, some of those bottles may fall into the tub, making a loud noise and causing you to have to fix everything in the shower over and over again. If you are tired of doing that and you are tired of your shower looking cluttered and messy, you should have a shower niche installed. Read More 

Problems That Need To Be Repaired Before Finishing The Basement

17 October 2019
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If you have an older home that you are renovating, and you want to have more space with a finished basement, there is some work that needs to be done before you begin. To start, it is important to have the foundation inspected for damage that needs repairs. There are also improvements that you will want to have done to prevent damage after the basement finishing has been completed. The following problems with basement foundations in older homes are some of the things you will want to address before you begin restoration work: Read More 

Tips For Preempting Septic Problems

10 September 2019
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A malfunction in your septic system can trigger environmental contamination, prevent you from using your plumbing system, and even endanger your household's health. That is why it's important to take precautions to reduce the risk of septic malfunctions. Below are the top precautions that can help. Maintain the System The best way to prevent septic problems is to maintain the system. Below are some of the critical maintenance practices: Read More 

Everything You Need To Consider Before Buying Used Log Homes

26 July 2019
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If you would like to purchase a log cabin, you will need to know if your cabin is in a livable condition. When purchasing used log homes or looking for a log cabin to lease, there are items to consider. During your log cabin search, you will find, unfortunately, that many realtors are uninformed on log cabins. How do you make certain the log cabin you want is in a good state? Read More